Ethics & Labour Standards

We have been working with Monday for a few months now but still have not got the platform signed off by our legal/regulatory department. The sticking point is a question on child labour and forced labour.

Does anyone have any links to content/terms where it talks about labour standards?

Unfortunately on Pro we do not qualify for the Monday Legal Team to be involved and can’t get the question answered. Our legal department are putting pressure on us in Marketing to find the answers or it will be pulled. We love Monday, have put in a lot of work setting up our workflow.

If anyone can help it would be really appreciated.

Have you tried to contact them via

I got in contact with them and the rep who we spoke to before joining. I messaged a month ago but hadn’t heard back after the initial acknowledgement. Chased today and they have confirmed receipt of the email. Just wondered if anyone in here had any links as i’m getting a bit desperate.

I have a response from Monday Support. They will not answer our questions about labour standards and ethics.

Absolutely gutted! After all the onboarding, our legal team will stop us using Monday. Anyone have any experience (good/bad) with other project management tools?

  • Basecamp
  • Teamwork
  • Asana
  • Wrike
  • Hive
  • FunctionFox
  • Flow
  • ProofHub

Um, what the!

This isn’t cool. Not just because it would prevent you from using it @streety. But it makes me wonder if have something to hide. could you tag the right people here to resolve this?


I agree, it has raised alarm bells. I thought that this would be something freely available like their terms.

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Hi @streety, Sounds weird and not really Monday-like. Is there one question that is unanswered or are there more? And may I ask what the question was?

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This topic and associated comments is something I deem to be off great concern. Surely a quick response should present no problem so why has there been none so far?


Here are the questions…

Child labour
Q. We do not employ or condone any form of child labour recruitment, denial of education and exploitation. Agree/Disagree/Comments
Q. What is the age of your youngest employee?

Forced labour
Q. We do not employ or condone any form of enforced, bonded or involuntary labour of any description. Workers will be given the right to leave after giving reasonable notice, and with due regard to relevant domestic legislation, nor will they be expected to lodge “deposits” or their identity papers. Agree/Disagree/Comments
Q. Are you required to comply with the Modern Slavery Act? Yes/No
If yes, please provide a copy of/link to your statement

Hi @streety,

As an Israeli company, the Modern Slavery Act is not applicable, however we can confirm that we do not employ or condone any form of child labour recruitment, denial of education or exploitation. Our legal team is looking into publishing content about this in the future.

I’m in contact with our legal team and now, and we’ll get you a more detailed response soon.

In the meantime, could you please tell me what email you used to email I’d like to take a look at the support you received to make sure we’re all on the same page and get more information about why the ticket was not addressed. Our legal team would also like to work with you and look into the details ont his issue. You can also send me a personal message with this information if that’s more comfortable.

@kstirzaker, @Eltjo, @TheOtherPM, @hlopezvc

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Hi @streety

Just want to jump in here and apologize that it took us a little time to respond earlier. We’ve passed this to the legal tea as Talia mentioned. Our CX team managers are looking into locating your ticket with details of this issue - for now they didn’t find it but they’ll do some more digging around. It might be that it didn’t arrive in Zendesk.

We want to reassert that we of course take issues like this seriously and have nothing to hide. As Talia mentioned we will work with you to address these points. I will ensure that someone from the team reaches out to you via email asap.

@kstirzaker @Eltjo @TheOtherPM @hlopezvc


Morning, thank you for your responses. The main email on our account is

I look forward to hearing from you.

Good morning @streety! Thanks for the information—I’ve just sent you an email and we look forward to discussing with you further.

Thanks to the support from the supplier questionnaire has been completed and our regulatory department have signed Monday off as a supplier. All the onboarding work hasn’t been in vain.

Monday has been presented to the Management Team and it may be adopted by the wider business (not just us in Marketing). Thank you to everyone who commented.

Hey @streety, so glad to hear this! Thanks for your patience with this and feel free to let us know if anything else comes up while you consider wider adoption in the business! We’d be happy to continue working with you.