Every time period delete items

I really want an automation in which i can automatically delete items every time period. Preferably it would be like; “If item is in GROUP1 ,Delete item every 5 minutes” Something in this area would be awesome.


Hey @Mostra,

At this time this particular recipe is not currently supported in the platform - apologies for the inconvenience here! We encourage you to submit this as feature request for greater visibility and votes, to increase the potential for development :pray:

As for a workaround, we currently have this automation available:

Screen Shot 2023-06-26 at 12.03.09 pm

I am interested if you could integrate this recipe into your workflow to achieve your end goal here in the meantime? That said, I do recognise ideally you need the deletion process to occur based upon time, not a column change.

Yeahh thanks for the answer, but it should be automatically for me. I can set up an automation to delete items dayly, but not by time…

Would have been an awesome feature to have.

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Definitely hear you on this @Mostra and appreciate your feedback :pray: