Development of the Every Time Period Automation

Would love to see more options for ‘Every Time Period’ Automation. Specifically - ‘Create a Board from Template’ and ‘Move a Group to Folder/Board’

The options given in ‘When a Date Arrives’ is a good example of some options that would work really well with ‘Every Time Period’

Thank you. I would need this as soon as possible.


I want to set an automation where every 2 weeks I get notified but only for items that have certain columns (not) filled out. But when I try to set this condition for the automation I am not able to set conditions for which items to get notified for.

It would be nice to set conditions “and only if” like we can with other selections. So that it would look something like this:

This would greatly help us in sending out reminders for certain items

+1 vote.

I tried setting something like this up a month ago, and was shocked to find out it wasn’t supported. The fact that there is a message for it, makes me hopeful that it will be supported eventually, I just really wish (as ever) that we had a roadmap for when things like this would come online.

Commenting in hopes that the developers see this. I want very much to be able to send reminders or add a to a counter of days every day an item remains in a group. Looking for other day tracking formulas but they aren’t quite what I need.

This would be a very helpful feature.

I too would love to see more features for the “Every Time Period” automation. I want to set an automation to run “Every Time Period” (every Sunday) if the “Status” is “Done,” move the item to the “Finished” group. Seems simple, but is not yet available.



I agree! I am struggling with this too, and I had clients get several emails they shouldn’t have. I am really getting frustrated with monday.