Export Pivot Table to Excel

Is it possible to export the pivot table from a dashboard to excel?

Further is it possible to include the board as a filtering item in the pivot board?


Hi @lnorris25 :wave:

Are you working with a Pivot Board in an Enterprise account like in this support article?

Visualising filtered data in excel may be possible, but would need to clarify some use case details and better understand. Let me know if you wanted to further discuss!


Hi Peta,

Yes, I am using that version. I would like to export the table into excel so that it shows the information from the pivot table in the same format. It does not need to have the functionality.

Hi Peta,

I am interested in understanding if you have a solution to this.

Hi @lnorris25

• Exporting a pivot table directly from the monday dashboard to Excel is not currently supported. Nevertheless, exporting the board to Excel using a specific template could be an ideal solution. This approach provides a more flexible option for optimizing and utilizing the data.

• To implement this solution, you can leverage Custom Automation using the MAKE integration.

Neelam B
monday.com Consultant
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