False rate limit error

When I perform a large number of sequential updates, I consistently see this error in the console:
main-84471a1c05208f3a23dd.js:1 Error: Rate limit passed

I started tracking remaining complexity alongside these updates so I can tune the throttling appropriately. This results in:

Complexity Remaining: 4669989
main-84471a1c05208f3a23dd.js:1 Error: Rate limit passed

Why am I seeing rate limit errors when clearly there is a ton of complexity remaining?

Hey @anderslyman,

In addition to the complexity limit, we do in fact have a rate limit to avoid things such as DDOS attacks. Would you be able to let us know how many requests you’ve made and in what time frame?

Look forward to hearing back.


That makes sense - and thanks for the rapid reply!

I’m working on a cross-board bulk-update feature, and limited updates to 10/sec.
It goes along happily for about 5-7 seconds, on average, then spits out the rate limit errors.

I’m primarily exploring the upper limits of what’s possible through the api - I can definitely limit users to x number of updates, but it’d be nice to support “unlimited, but with a throttle”.

I’ve not seen a way to update multiple items in a single query, or I would happily use that…