Updates limitations

Hi, does anyone know if there is a limit to the amount of updates you can write in the ‘updates’ section? I am being told it is a maximum of 1000 per board but I wondered if anyone has written more than this? Thanks

Hey @Lloyd! I can confirm the limit is set to 1000 updates per board - CORRECTION to my response - the limit is 1000 updates per item.

@BiancaT, is there an item limit as well or just the board limit? Also, how do replies play into this limit?


I just tested to 2000+ and it worked. It does not appear that 1000 is the limit.

This is really helpful to know - perhaps the limit is not yet enforced…? I will share this internally - thank you Jim!


Please let us know what you find out. A limit of 1,000 updates per board seems extremely severe. 1,000 updates per item seems more in line with how the rest of monday operates.

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To the best of my knowledge there’s no limitation in updates, I think I’ve seen it go to over 4k in one item in the past.

Thanks for the response, everyone. I am currently using the ‘notes’ to keep my updates on as Monday.com team told me it allows more than the ‘updates’ tab. I would prefer to use the ‘updates’ section as it is a lot cleaner and you can do more with it. We are a legal services company, so as you can imagine we do a lot of updates on each clients record. If someone can confirm that it is 1000 updates per item/ client (rather than per board) then that would be great!

Hi everyone - thanks so much for your patience with me! I have recently heard back from our developers who confirmed that the limit is in fact 1000 updates per item not per board - my sincerest apologies for the confusion caused here! As for replies, they’re not included in the limit :slight_smile: