Item limitation of 10000 per board is too low and should be configurable, maybe against columns number / types

I understand that 10k items limit is obviously related with platform performance, however I would suggest you give an alternative to your clients. An example would be to make the boards configurable in order to have increased max items limit and apply respective limit to the number of board columns (or as long as specific column types are restricted).

I’m afraid that no matter how good Monday platform is in terms of seemless integration with 3rd party apps, ease-of-use, built-in automations etc, the 10k items limitation which is currently applied makes the platform implementations non-scalable and is a potential dealbreaker for companies looking for solid and future-proof solutions for their operational teams.

Hi @tonydee - Clients like you who need higher volumes may want to consider upgrading to the Enterprise plan. It doubles the number of columns and the number of items allowed on a board. If that’s an option you’d like to explore, feel free to reach out for a private walkthrough with Q&A to learn everything you want to know about Enterprise.

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Hello @PolishedGeek & thanks for your reply. We are already on the Enterprise plan.
The limit that was applied 2 weeks ago affects all plans unfortunately. I hope this is something Monday tech team can address anytime soon because it is really killing scalability of the platform.


I’m experiencing these limitations also, limits on items (Staff can’t see their work allocations in MyWork as result, limitations on board connections, limits on workload widget in terms of board connections… absolute nightmare, I’m really regretting spending months configuring to start encountering these issues


totally agree… no serious system claiming to be a CRM System - will put such low limitation that too without a workaround !!

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8 Month later… Still no change. I hope this feature will come soon!!!