Override Column Limit?

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My company is in process of building an order pipeline application within Monday CRM. For the most part everything is being built to vision, but we’re running into a problem with the field limit. We start with a Production board, where we have a very complex form on the front end to initiate a sale that may require 100-200 fields (hopefully less). Once that form is complete, the record is created and is then intended to funnel down into Project Management, Compensation, and Account Management boards. The vision is to have sale records continually accrue data from each board as it passes down to the AM board, and the AM board will be the final resting place of the sale record, along with all of the data and fields it gained over the process.

Our solutions consultant informed us this week that our plan (Enterprise) has a 300 column limit. Our concern is that by the time we get to the AM board, we’re either near or exceeding that limit.

Has anyone run into this situation before, and does anyone have guidance on how to circumvent this issue? Outside of this issue, the app fits our needs very well, so we’re optimistic we can find a way… but this would be a killer if we can’t find some kind of adaptation or workaround.


I believe you will find a better solution is to have a high level board (AM) and low level boards. As it moves through your process, you spawn items on each of the boards in your workflow that are connected to the high level item.

On your high level board you can have a dashboard that then shows aggregation data of all of these connected items.

This keeps your column count low per board, and keeps board performance up on the individual boards. This method also gives you a single source of truth at any given time about the progress of anything.

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Thanks Cody! I may come back to you with questions on this.

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