Number of pulses/items and columns per board

Is there a limit on maximum number of pulses per board?

If I had 20,000 customers and each were a pulse would handle this, or would it struggle?

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Hi David

I have handled a 9.000 items board with 10 columns and Monday’s performance was good.

However I don’t know if there is a maximum or will be some kind of performance lost with more items.

At the moment I haven’t found it.

I was using a third party software to bring in about 14000 pulses, and it quit at 10,000.

Monday Developers, are there any plans to expand this capability?

Hey @david.major, @cfernandez, @MSIlydia!

There’s no limit to the number of items you can have on a board :slight_smile: When using automation/integration or the API the limit is 10,000.

At the moment, there aren’t any plans to expand this capability. Would it be useful to you to have the ability to bring in more pulses? I’d love to learn more :blush:

Hmmmmmm. Yes, I was using Integromat and API V2 and it started having issues at the 10,000 mark. Is there any way to get around that?

I have about 15K items that I want to be able to reference in other boards. I artificially limited my number to less than 10K in order for my Integromat integration to work, but things are going to get confusing/manual-labour-intensive if I can’t overcome this limitation.

Essentially these 15K items get updated from time to time using Integromat…so I can’t just copy and paste them into a board and leave them stationary…I need to involve the API. please confirm this statement that there’s no limit for the number of items in a board.

Hello Donald,
I had the same question and I think there is a limitation, here is the answer :

10K items for pro offer
20K items for enterprise offer

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Hi Donald!

In order to ensure high performance in the boards of our customers, we are limiting the number of items and columns per board:

10K items and 200 columns for non-enterprise users
20k items and 300 columns for enterprise users

While this limit was not always enforced (which meant you were allowed to add more than this number) we are moving towards enforcing this limit to help ensure the quality of your platform experience.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

And if the items have subitems how does this affect? Still 10.000 with subitems? Is there a limit of subitmes total and subitems per item?