"Favorites" Button in top left of new UI


The new monday UI looks amazing and I have heard almost nothing but positive feedback surrounding it. However, with the new UI/UX, there is no longer a “Favorites” button. It has to be selected from the workspace dropdown.

I think adding a button for “Favorites” in the top left corner, together with “Home” and “My Work” would make the use of Favorites a much more efficient approach as it would always be visible, both as a reminder and as a faster way of accessing it.

It would be much easier to access my Favorites link so I can see my favorite boards if it was at the top-left of my workspace always, like between the “Workspace” title and the workspace dropdown menu. Right now, I have to click twice to even get to my Favorites board, which takes extra time and is annoying. So, I have to click into the Workspace dropdown menu, then click on the Favorites tab. The whole point of the Favorites option is to save time, so putting it somewhere that only takes one click makes more sense. See my suggested place in the screen shot. Thanks!monday pic

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Maybe there could be a keystroke combination that would automatically bring up the favourites?

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Great idea! Even better.

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The favorites tab needs to be more accessible. A recent notification indicated that you are removing the ability to activate the old workspace navigation through monday.labs. This feature was critical to quickly access the favorites list with a single click.

A suggestion would be to add the favorites icon to the left panel above the Notifications icon or under the My Work icon. A keyboard shortcut would also be beneficial as b12x12 suggested.

Hi @dmckearan - I think you will be very happy soon. Favorites is going to move to be easier to find. I’ve seen the new layout but I’m not sure when it’s going to be released. Stay tuned!

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I want it to be easy access my in box and workspaces from one place. This would be an effective home screen.
My suggestions are:

  • Include the left view of workspaces in the inbox window
  • Allow us to favorite boards
  • List the favorite boards and workspaces at the top of the left navigation
  • Allow folder organization of favorite (which I see is already in development)

I agree completely. I think the new UI is an improvement and am looking forward to having it released for my whole org, with one exception. The Favorites button would be much better placed, below Home and My work in the navigation pane. This would make it visible more readily and consistently.
Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 12.47.06 PM

Hey Monday :wave:

A (hopefully) minor feature request that could provide a little bit of a quality-of-life improvement:

Current state:
The Favorites menu is currently “hidden” in the Workspaces menu, requiring an additional step to navigate to it and having non-Workspace favorites (Docs, Forms, etc.) inside a Workspace switcher menu option.

Proposed State:
Move the Favorites menu out to the main/root menu to allow better visibility, reduce the number of navigation steps, and provide a common experience for non-Workspace favorites (Docs, Forms, etc.) to be outside of a Workspace switcher menu.


Thank you!

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Create a button on the navigation bar for Favorites.


Would you be happy to specify where exactly you’d like to see the favourites button? I ask this, as we have the favourites star at the top of each board incase you weren’t aware:

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 1.12.19 pm

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hi @BiancaT ,

Thanks so much for reaching out! I was referring to adding a Favorites button to the side navigation panel, to access all boards that have been added as a favourite, see below:


Hope that helps :blush:

Thanks so much for clarifying for me! In full transparency, prior to the introduction of our work OS products, the favourites icon was located in the left navigation panel. I am afraid that since the introduction of our products and new platform layout, we have moved the favourite section to the workspace dropdown. I hear where you’re coming from on this, and whilst there are no plans to revert this change at the moment, I will certainly pass your feedback on! Thank you in advance for your understanding :pray:

I like the new view but why has the favourites icon been moved from the landing page, I mean who made that discission, surely the whole point of favourites is to have quick access to certain boards, it’s not like there is not plenty of room in the top bar for a star, with around a 100 staff relying on this option, I really cant comprehend the logic behind this getting the green light.

Favorites are currently hidden unless you click the three dots by your names. It would be great if favorites were accessible from the new top navigation bar and therefore always one click to access


Just adding another voice here - my company’s workflows are set up so that the Favorites menu isn’t useful now that it’s hidden in a menu. It’s more efficient for me to go to My Work and navigate to a board there.

The original location of Favorites (as a permanent part of the left navigation) was the optimal solution for me.

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