What's the point of "favorites" if they're not readily available in the new UI?

The new UI finally rolled out for my account and I was hunting for the “favorites” section that I (and the rest of my team) used to navigate Monday.

Now that option seems all but pointless if it requires a multi-level process to navigate to.

Is there a point to the favorites anymore?


I am having the same challenge. Why take away something that simplified navigation?

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I agree, the “favorite boards” should be its own section in the sidebar, or a dropdown menu from the top bar.

One thing that could be at play is with the various “Products” now, where they each isolate workspaces further.


I’d suggest favourites being added as buttons to the top bar, similar to a browser favourites bar, then a favourite is just a single click away.

Came here for this question. Needs to be readily available from the sidebar at all times

I’ve been asking them to fix these for the past few years.

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I’ve gotten around this by… making critical boards actual browser favorites!

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