Feature Request: Add Comments/Updates To A Mirrored Item

The mirror column currently allows you to select an item from another board and change a number any of its column types, all without needing to click through to the board in question. This is a great feature, and saves us a lot of time. However, at the moment it doesn’t appear that we can add comments/updates to the item without clicking the ‘Start Conversation’ icon - which takes you off the board you’re on and into the destination board. Bummer. It would be good to see this feature implemented as it would improve efficiency for us.

We have a number of ‘project boards’ for corporate clients containing mirrored columns to ‘stakeholder workflow’ boards (such as ‘Marketing Workflow’, ‘Events Workflow’, ‘Compliance Workflow’ etc). The mirrored column on the project board links through to the deliverables on the stakeholder workflow boards. We want to work out of the project boards as much as possible.