Mirroring an entire item on two boards WITHOUT mirror column

Hi all,

I have a specific question for what I thought would be a very simple feature, but I cannot find a solution to meet my needs anywhere!

I want to duplicate an item so it is present on two boards, but I want the ENTIRE item present (with updates) including ALL columns.

A summary of what I have:

Action List Board

  • When my company has a ‘Lead’ for a potential project, we use a single item and dump all information into the updates area
  • I will refer to this as the ‘Lead Item’

Project Board

  • When a project commences we have a template board with pre-designated sprints (groups) for completion. The first group is essentially a ‘miscellaneous’ category

Currently, when a ‘Lead Item’ becomes a project we complete the item and move it to the ‘miscellaneous’ category in it’s designated Project Board.

However, sometimes the lines between lead / project blur, and it would be good to keep the ‘Lead Item’ in the Action List Board but we need a project page to enter numerous actions which are arising.

I would like the ‘Lead Item’ to appear in both the Action List Board and Project Board, and if one is updated (either changes in column or comments inserted) it to appear in both locations.

Please let me know if this is possible!

Hey Scott,

At this stage, if you’d like an item to appear across boards and have updates sync you would need to utilise a connect boards column and mirror column. Whilst you can set up an automation to create that same item in your projects boards once it’s created in your action board, unless you set up a connect boards/mirror column, those updates/changes cannot be synced.

Can I ask why you’d like to achieve this without the mirror column?