How can I Mirror Items Across Multiple Boards with Full transparency?

On our team’s board, we have automations that allow us to pass a specific item to other teams’ boards for them to work on their parts. The item stays on our board for us to track the progress and move it from stage to stage (above automation is activated as we do so). When the automation is engaged by the status change, a new item is created in the other teams’ boards.

The issue that we run into is that the communication that may have happened on the item in our board - most likely all of the foundational descriptions, early discussions, etc. As items get passed from our board to another through the automation processes, those updates get lost. So, how can we better build the board?

  1. Ensure that some columns are moved along with the items when they are created in another board (e.g. descriptions column).
  2. Have the communications/updates activity shared across all instances

Any other things we aren’t thinking of that would solve (some) of our issues?

Hey John,

As long as the column type matches across the boards that the item is being moved across, the information (and the column) shouldn’t get lost.

That said, I am afraid when creating items across boards, the updates attached to the origin item will not replicate in that newly created item. I understand this is not ideal and will happily take this feedback on board.

My advice is to continue using columns to hold the communication associated with the item, ensuring that the column type exists in the additional boards to ensure that the information passes through accurately.

Let me know if I’ve misunderstood :pray:

Thank you. I’ll see what the DESCRIPTION column doesn’t seem to be carrying over from one board to the other, since that seems to be the only way to connect the information.

Please do take the feedback for the UPDATES to be connected as something is replicated across boards. Perhaps an optional thing?

Hm, is the description column a text column? Are you the column over via the automation recipe? Feel free to send me a direct message if you’re running into an issue with this.

As for your feedback, I like this idea and can be sure to include this in my comments to the product team :+1:

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Hi John, I am with zzBots! With zzBots you can automatically sync items that have a specific status specified from Board 1 to Board 2 (In your case, when you are ready to pass the item to the next team. Updates in either Board 1 or Board 2 will sync across).

I have created a Bot Pack in zzBots with step by step instructions with images to help you get this set up. If you have any questions or further customization is needed, feel free to chat into our website.

Here is a link to the Bot Pack:

Hi Bianca,

In regards to the above, it would be really great to have a “master” item if you will. The same way that we create a connected column, being able to connect an item from one board to another. Managing it per say on a different board in a way that it doesn’t actually affect much of the item itself.

Does this make sense?

Thank you!

Hey Morgan - I appreciate you reaching out!

To confirm, this master item and all of its associated data exists as one entity, that can be adjusted/edit across all boards - including the information that exists in the updates section? Similar to the connect board column, however in a different a format - am I understanding to an extent here? :pray: