Feature Request: Better Column Moving Controls

One of the most cumbersome elements of building or optimizing a board is changing the arrangement/order of existing columns.

It would be GREAT to have column options like “move to start (left)” and “move to end (right),” OR even more amazing, would be if you click on the column move dots without holding down, you get a list of the columns, kind of like the status options menu, and you can move column orders around in that little menu, then they resolve to their new positions when you click “apply.” Maybe no deleting or creating new columns from that view, just rearranging.

Bottom line, taking 4-5 “grab and move” steps to move a column from one end of the board to the other is a pain. :slight_smile:

Thanks for considering!

+1 !! We 100% need a an easier way to move columns, and the ability to move multiple columns at a time, AND have the table scroll along when you begin to drag a column to a new location, similarly to the table scrolling up and down when you select to drag a pulse.

The current functionality requires too much time when you’re dealing with a lot of data making the process of utilizing counterproductive. The time I’ve saved with automatons and integrations won’t be free to spend on improving and building operations until some of these basic needs are available, or at least more efficient and intuitive.