Feature update: Action level automation activity log ⚙️💡

Introducing, the action level automation activity log :eyes:

You can now view the status of every trigger, condition, and action in your automations.

What does this mean? It means you can drill down exactly where the automation went wrong and be directed on how you can fix it ASAP.

Troubleshooting automation issues just became a whole lot easier! Like this post if this is a feature you’ve started to use :computer_mouse: :+1:


One problem, and this is ancillary to the main feature, is the “report issue” is generic and sends to monday support. For third-party apps providing automation blocks, or integration, there should be a clear way to escalate to the developer.


Thank you Monday for this great additional feature.

I think there are some large opportunities for improvement regarding the interface and experience surrounding automations and integrations.
The current interface has slow load times, unreliable search and filter results, and makes it nearly impossible to manage boards with 30+ automations/integrations.
There are many different ways the UI could be reworked to allow for a much more streamlined experience for creating, updating, and reviewing the configurations, but I think the team needs to prioritize the following:

  • Require less clicks to get things done
  • Make it clear to the user if things are loading in the UI
  • Give builders an easy way to work on multiple automations at once

I’ve started using a separate board to plan for the automations I intend to implement. Without using something like a board to document it, I’m not sure I’d be able to accomplish the complex logic that some systems require. Tracking the automations with a board has allowed me to use statuses, updates, notes fields, and any other necessary fields to be able to document the system as it evolves over time.

This is an example of my first draft:

I think my board design also has a lot of room for improvement, but now I have something to help document and see the status of the automations on the board without having to use the unreliable automations UI.


Love this idea! It will definitely make it much easier to manage…


Hey Calum,

We really appreciate your feedback here and hear where you’re coming from. Your ideas and current approach to managing automations is interesting and valuable for us to take to our product team internally. I will share directly with the team and let you know of any upcoming changes should they be in the works or planned for the future :pray:

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Thanks for your patience Calum!

I am excited to share that the product team have confirmed we have some exciting updates and improvements currently in development, including page load time, better search and new filters. I will provide updates on release dates as soon as they’re confirmed, so keep an eye out!

Your feedback is what ignites change, so we appreciate your comments - keep them coming :blush: :gear:


Thank you for sharing Cody! I’ve informed the team internally who are aware that this needs to be improved. I can’t confirm an ETA, but please know that this is on their radar :pray:

Thanks for the replies and for taking my feedback to the team Bianca!
I’m happy to know that some improvements are already on the horizon!

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