Files Collumn Setting Suggestion: Automatically Version and Replace Version

It would be really helpful for our team if as an optional setting, instead of adding files via the files column, you could set it to only allow one file, which would then be automatically versioned, and replaced if a new file was dragged and dropped into the files column.

Use case:

Our team uses Kanban View and would like the latest version of an asset that our team is working on to show up as the cover image for pulses. Currently the process is to click the existing image, navigate to set existing image as v1 if not already versioned, and then clicking the add versions button.

Ideally, it would be nice to just be able to drag and drop the new image in and reduce this from 4 clicks to 1.

Edit: Alternatively, even just having the latest uploaded image appearing as the first image in the cover carousel would be a massive improvement for our workflow