Filter by group in shared view not working

The group filter in Monday are not working correctly. I have 2 groups on my board. One is for active trainers and the other is for inactive trainers. I created a filter which selects by active trainer group, then by province then by type. even though a trainer is in the inactive group, it still shows up on my shared view. (British Columbia - In-Person) Even though Kenkenem Consulting is in a different group, it still shows up in the results.

Here is a link showing my filter and the result.

Hey @JCouto,

Hm this certainly is a little strange and behaviour that I am not able to reproduce on my end. To clarify, does the item (Kenkenem Consulting), also appear in the saved board view after the setting the filters? Or does the item only appear when you generate that shared view?

It only happens on the shared view.

I will try to record it and send it to you in a video today.


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Hi Bianca,

I noticed that the Board was acting a bit wonky when I tried to create a new group, so I decided to just create a brand-new board.

This one is working correctly when I use Group as a filter parameter. There must have been a bug in the other board.


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Glad to hear you got this working John - apologies for the issues in the original board! Let us know if you run into any further issues :slight_smile: