Filters Not Working - Tasks I created are included!

Hello, we are using dashboards + tables and filters to work around the critical missing feature of displaying all the tasks assigned to a person.

It mostly works excepts it still displays the tasks
that I am not the owner if I originally made the task. Since I make mosts aoft he tasks, nthis won’t work for me…or anyone ekse that makes taksks .

ow would we fix this?


lso theere’s a weird keybaord aautofill thing that keeps messing up letters in this box . What’s up with that?!A

Hey Sakirose!

Thanks for this question. It sounds like you would be interested in exploring one of our newest features – My Work. Essentially, this provides you a space to track any and all tasks that you’ve been assigned to within the account.

To activate this feature, head to your avatar and select “monday.labs”. From there, you can activate “My Work”.

Have a great day!

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