"First Day of the Week" setting as User Preference vs. Account-wide Setting

Currently the “First Day of the Week” is an Admin setting. Since some regions default to using a weekly calendar that starts on Sunday while others start on Monday, it makes sense to me that this setting should be an individual user preference.

See this Monday article for more information on where the setting is currently located.

Consider teams that have users in multiple regions or with differing calendar view preferences, it would make sense to let each user display the calendar with a week start date that they are accustomed to, rather than having this be an account-wide admin setting that affects all user’s views.

PAIN POINT: Changing the “First Day of the Week” in calendar view is currently an Admin setting that affects all users in the account. This makes it hard for teams that may have users in multiple regions that have are accustom to different week start days.

SOLUTION: Make the “First Day of the Week” setting an individual preference that only affects the user’s display of the calendar, and not how weekends or workdays are defined.