Fix date format defaulting to MM/DD/YYYY

It seems like in some areas of, the date defaults to the US format of MM/DD/YYYY. Despite having my language and region settings set correctly it makes no difference. I can only assume this is a glitch as the correct date format does appear in some places.

  1. The Quotes & Invoices app shows the date format correctly when editing/creating the invoice, however upon previewing/downloading it changes to MM/DD/YYYY. This app is unusable for us in terms of bookkeeping/accounting and would also be confusing for our clients. Considering this is a “Essentials” app, this should be a basic thing to have in place.

You can even see this happening under the ‘Preview and share’ heading GIF on the Quotes & Invoices support page:

  1. I also noticed this issue when importing data to a board. The date was set as DD/MM/YY in the Excel sheet, however set itself to MM/DD/YY (date column) upon importing to the board and I had to manually change every single item.

For everyone outside of the US, this would be a very helpful and welcome change. Thank you!