Quotes & Invoices

Hi folks,

5 points on using “Quotes & Invoices” (using mac desktop version of Monday.com)

1 = The feedback icon doesn’t do anything when you click on it.

2 = PLEASE give us an option to change the date format from US “08/27/2021” to a EUROPEAN format; “27/08/2021”. There are users in other parts of the world and this is just annoying. And potentially VERY confusing for bookkeepers.

3 - Can we have just one more column for something else (optional) - In our case we use “departments”, So No. 1 = Item, 2 = Department, 3 = Price, and 4 = Total?

4 = an option to email the quote/invoice to another board directly when “send” is hit, (or some way to use the built in email to board function). We can then send invoices approved to a dedicated finance board instead of faffing around with downloading and uploading PDF files. As it stands, I don’t see why there is a “Bill To; email column” included in the first place? What have I missed?

5 = The resulting PDF when downloaded looks a little blurry like the resolution is too low or its not vector based but image based or something?

Thats it!
Hope you can put these things on your roadmap!

Hello @weareborg,
You might want to check out this post which addresses almost all your concerns. If you have any questions, you can reach out at support@kolaai.com.
Thank you.