Proposals / Quotes

we do, we use paint scout for quotes currently
would love to know what monday is planning

@Ronk can you please update us on this. Your announcement sounded promising, but I haven’t heard anything since.



My name is Andrew from Venue Industries. My sales team uses Monday to track their proposals and quotes.

I’ve been looking into ways to generate PDFs within via integrations to keep my team in Monday as much as possible. But none of them really work 100% how we want. Either they don’t offer the ability to pick the data we want, or the template building process is too complicated. I’m hoping that Monday is working on a way to generate documents from boards/items/subitems.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Andrew Almand


@turboroof @Knowa @JimBahr @Eltjo @abiciea @SameE @JameSamueLind @TheOtherPM @Chelle @andrewalmand Hi all here it is:

The app is located as an item view - once you enter the link below, you will notice an “add view” button on the top right of your updates items updates section - from there you can find the app and complete the installation. * You have to be an account admin in order to install the app to your account.


We can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Please share any feedback as soon as possible by replying thread or reach out directly here:

Hi @Ronk this looks good… from an inicial test i can give you some feedback now.

  • Downloading to a PDF doesnt include the uploaded company logo image. (But Preview its showing properly the logo).
  • Possibility to set fixed text to another language. Ex. spanish.
  • Maybe you could choose the items from another board (or a linked board) with standard items to avoid type every quote´s item from scratch.

Hi Ronk,

Before I install this on our account I’d like a small preview. Could you please make a short video where you run through how it works?



Hi @Ronk I installed the app but then I don’t find it. Where should i find the app? In “Integrations”?

its under item view like this screenshot
so its really a view in a pulse but when you add it to an item in the board its added to all items in that board

Thanks for the explanation. I think the item view is a really good idea, here are my suggestions:

  • items fields in the quote form should be linked to subitem columns. That’s how we organize our quotes in MDC (and get pdf trough Integromat +gdoc)
  • quote template should be editable (eg. we need italian language)
  • pdf output should be uploaded directly in a file column
  • monday logo at bottom should be avoided for pro users

Hi, I can see how this would be useful for many businesses, however we are a consultancy - our quotes are much more involved & don’t lend themselves to ‘itemizing’. Good luck!


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Hi Ronk, just had the time to check it out really quick. If you look at it as an invoice, not a proposal it’s not bad at all. But I have to say that I am in the same situation as @JimBahr, we need to be able to elaborate far more in our proposals. I’ll be watching progression and new releases on this app for possible future usage. Thanks

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Hi there, please get in touch, I’m about to embark on determining if Monday can handle the full sales pipeline process including estimations and RFQs.

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Hi, I need this feature. However, can’t use it until the Monday branding is gone.


I am the same way. Now I am using eQuotes but it doesn’t fit 100% as I wish

yeah, the logo and the fact that you cant have a different lenguage kills the app use

I am considering using this for my quotes. As I did my initial T/E theese are my issues with it

Logo at the bottom needs to go.
Text in the template must be possible to change
The ability to connect a products board and pick products from it into the quote
Tax / VAT separate for each item. In Norway we have different VAT rates for different products
Sending the qoute directly as an PDF with the integrated mail adress (communihub?)

Is work beeing done on this app or is it “done”?
It has got a lot of potential, but it is not quite done yet. It would be an awesome feature in Monday.

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Hello everyone :slight_smile:
Great app by the monday team but we also wanted more so we recently released an app that can create invoices, quotes etc right in your board using items in your board. Some of the features of the app include:
:white_check_mark: Select items from your board into your invoice
:white_check_mark: Select items from connected boards
:white_check_mark: Multi-language support. Edit any field so that you can input your preferred language.
:white_check_mark: Choose your preferred date format.
:white_check_mark: And many more …

If interested, please fill this form to help us understand which features to prioritize in the later versions. After filling the form, you will be given the link to install the app.
You can find more about the app in the community post here

If you have any questions, you can always reach out at

Hi there! eQuotes 2.0 is coming soon :slight_smile: The app has everything you’re looking for, including custom data selection and easy-to-build templates. Stay tuned!

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Yes! We have actually just paid a Monday partner to custom-design us a proposal generator in our Monday environment. Is Monday about to release this feature for FREE?? We would love to know ASAP :slight_smile:

We are going to build it built into our CRM (which lives in Monday) so that it pulls the customer’s info and info from pricing tables into a pre-populated Word document.

Hello @carolinem ,
The app I mentioned above can do what you have mentioned although the data can be downloaded as a pdf and not a Word document.

To give it a try, please fill out this form so we have know which features to prioritize in the next releases.
Thank you :slight_smile: