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Hi there, please get in touch, I’m about to embark on determining if Monday can handle the full sales pipeline process including estimations and RFQs.

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Hi, I need this feature. However, can’t use it until the Monday branding is gone.


I am the same way. Now I am using eQuotes but it doesn’t fit 100% as I wish

yeah, the logo and the fact that you cant have a different lenguage kills the app use

I am considering using this for my quotes. As I did my initial T/E theese are my issues with it

Logo at the bottom needs to go.
Text in the template must be possible to change
The ability to connect a products board and pick products from it into the quote
Tax / VAT separate for each item. In Norway we have different VAT rates for different products
Sending the qoute directly as an PDF with the integrated mail adress (communihub?)

Is work beeing done on this app or is it “done”?
It has got a lot of potential, but it is not quite done yet. It would be an awesome feature in Monday.

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Hello everyone :slight_smile:
Great app by the monday team but we also wanted more so we recently released an app that can create invoices, quotes etc right in your board using items in your board. Some of the features of the app include:
:white_check_mark: Select items from your board into your invoice
:white_check_mark: Select items from connected boards
:white_check_mark: Multi-language support. Edit any field so that you can input your preferred language.
:white_check_mark: Choose your preferred date format.
:white_check_mark: And many more …
Here is a video showing the many features of the app.

If interested, please fill this form to help us understand which features to prioritize in the later versions. After filling the form, you will be given the link to install the app.
You can find more about the app in the community post here

If you have any questions, you can always reach out at