Automatic Tag creation and Invoice/billing

Hello everybody! This is my first time posting on this community so I would really appreciate getting a solution
I have been struggling to setup a few things on
I would like to setup automatic triggers exactly as explained here Automate tag creation - #7 by aladress
Only issue is that it keeps bringing up “Failed to Communicate with URL” on the first step and I have not been able to solve it.

Second Issue:
I would like to generate quotes for my clients directly from Monday board. The quote should have a template feature and also be able to include footnotes and legal statements at the base of the quote. Again, I tried to do my own research and this guy seems to have the perfect solution to what I want Automated Billing & Invoicing with | - YouTube
But for some reason I can’t find the app on the Monday marketplace.

Please does anybody have an idea on how to do either of the 2? I need to present this to my boss by tomorrow and I have been trying to find any way at all. Thank you so much

Hi Debbie,

Let’s see if your first post gets some answers :slight_smile:. For the first issue: are you using Integromat or their newest version called Make. There is an issue with Make as described here Converting Integromat to Make by wonderful Monday Man @JCorrell