Creating a Budget -> Automated Quotation -> Automated Invoice


so what I try to do is to create an folder in where I can have the whole project work in there.
That means the whole task management, workload, project management with Gantt charts etc. But also the calculation meaning the budget.

We are selling different day rates for different tasks and I want to display that in a budget.
That budget is also meant to be my time tracker (works well in Monday) and then I want to generate a quotation out of the budget.
Should be automated and not with the template given in Monday.

I would like to do it like Gideon in this Video:

I want to work with Zapier or Make to create the automation.
All I want is that the Automation picks the position out of the budget and puts it in the template which could be an google doc.

My main issue is, that I have categories like Concept, Content Creation and Project Management and I don’t want just a summary of budget positions, I want the category and then the budget positions belonging to the category in there.
So I want to have 2 layers basically.

Anyone who could help and had similar issues :slight_smile: ?


Hi there,
you can use Make as a solution to automate the process you described for project management, budget calculation, and quotation generation in

The automation through Make will help streamline your workflow, making it easier to manage tasks, budgets, and quotations efficiently.

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