Budgeting in Monday

‪Anyone using Monday for budgeting? Tried to share the wonders of Monday w/ my team. They are determined to stick w/ Google Sheets. I, on the other hand, am determined to do practically everything in Monday. Might lose this battle though. #OldSchoolNewSchool‬

Any templates? Any tips on convincing colleagues to give it a shot?

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Hi @GadgetGirl! While we don’t have any templates for budgeting, I’d love to help make a board for you! Can you tell me some more details about what you’re trying to budget? Is this for a single project, or more of a monthly department budget? Looking forward to your reply!

Hey @GadgetGirl, we’ll also touch on budgeting for projects in the advanced project management webinar which is happening tomorrow: https://monday.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_L89l7uvRTHCWodg-jofOKw

Hi Julia,

in fact I would be most interested in this as well.
I started already by creating a table where I can enter all due payments and incomes and then summarize them in a calendar view in my dashboard.
However, I would like to create an entire cash-flow table.
Right now I am a bit confused with the “formula” column as it does not seem to work in the same way as in Numbers or Excel.

Any advice or video/webinar that you can offer?


PS. We are using monday now since about a month and it is the first project management tool that works how I think. Thanks for that! :smile:

Hey Wotan,

Sure thing! Here’s the link for the recording. If it doesn’t answer your needs then just let us know and we’ll be happy to help here.

Cheers :smile: