Flowchart for Monday.com?

Does anyone use any type of flowcharting in Monday.com? Like a Microsoft Visio. We are trying to use flowcharts to design a master board and a dozen subboards or so and this would help map out greatly. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you. Ryan

Hi there. I’m not aware of any flowcharting app that works inside Monday.com at the moment.

Outside of Monday, we use things like Whimsical - https://whimsical.com/flowcharts to create graphics during the planning stages for Monday.com processes and boards.

Another one is https://app.diagrams.net/ which used to be called Draw.io, but I like Whimsical better.

We also use Basalmiq a lot. However, it’s more for mockups and wireframing of custom app views than flow diagrams: https://balsamiq.com/

Hey @ORyan33,

What are you looking to use flowcharting for? What would it track? Are you looking to use it for visualization purposes or another purpose?

I ask because then I can see if I can make any suggestions or offer workarounds specific to your use case :blush:

We are trying to visualize workflow and in particular how to automate multiple columns form a master board