Proposals / Quotes

Are you generation Proposals / Quotes as part of your business workflow? Let’s talk!

Comment below and I’ll reach out.

Ron Kimhi from CRM team

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I am. I use Monday as CRM and connect it to my custom app to build quotes/proposals. Much of the integration is through Integromat

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Quoting is a very large part of our workflow.

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Always… it’s the main reason we have

Curious, what’s there to talk about? It is an important part of our worlflow. We use for now and the do it pretty wel. Happy to talk

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Yes, we do. Please reach out

I use harvest to do digital shared estimates that the clients accepts, downloads a pdf, and generates a Po. I turn them into invoices in quickbooks… I would love to have this automated! Love to chat.

We do our quotes in quickbooks. Is anyone using anything like zapier or integromat to automate with Monday?

Yes, we do. Keen to hear what you might be planning on this @Ronk

we do, we use paint scout for quotes currently
would love to know what monday is planning