Docugen..docotive.. blehhhhh

Why are all the document builders sooooo bad on monday?
They will work for one day and then break for no reason.

Anyone have any luck with anything else besides these two?

Hi @Mrjoelbaker :wave:

Sorry to hear about your experience with the document builders on There are a couple of different workarounds, but the one I would suggest is ‘GeoQuotes’.

GeoQuotes is a freemium quoting tool built specifically for This advanced add-on includes several features including product catalog board, quote templates board, user permissions, integrations and quote editing tools.

Your quote board where you store your quotes can be used to create your own pipeline view. You can use groups and other columns to help categorise each of your quotes to help you create a funnel or pipeline view using the existing reporting features of eQuotes is built to compliment all of the features of

• Configurable Product Catalog Board
• PDF Document Generator
• Easy to use template builder to add custom templates
• Quote Dashboard providing deal info
• Drag & Drop Product Line Item Organizer
• Fully Integrated with framework
• Compatible with eDigital Signatures add-on
• Unlimited Quotes, Products and Templates, available for paid subscriptions
• Default Currency Configuration ($, £, €)

GeoQuotes offers 10 free quotes per month, or unlimited quotes starting at US$29/month/user or US$319/year/user.

I hope this information is helpful and might provide a solution for you.

Feel free to give me a shout if you have any more questions or you want to have a quick chat.

Kind regards,

Peta Bolger
Services Consultant at upstream

phone: +61 3 9067 5611