Folder hierarchy in the files gallery

Hi there! Would be great if you could allow for folder hierarchy in the files gallery.

I couldn’t agree more. We have so many files for each item (project) and its quite hard to sift through when theres no hierarchy or even search!

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I would also agree that any file share or storage platform has a folder function and this is necessary for large projects- also a file share feature (through link etc) would be great

Hi @Detaman, @zkendall, @Twooten!

Maybe assigning custom labels to your attachments could help? Applying a specific label filter would allow you to focus on relevant documents. You can do it with the help of Attachment Manager. On top of that, you can filter your attachments by file column.

Our roadmap includes:

  • grouping files by file extension, assigned labels, upload date, file column, and uploader;
  • sorting files by upload date or file name;

If you need any help, you can always write to us at


Andrzej from APMD SOFT

Would like to echo this. It would be very helpful!