Add "File Column" column, column sort and ability to filter by "File Column" in File Gallery view

I just learned of the File Gallery(!) and it is a great way to review and manage files en masse. Even so, I’d like to request a few enhancements to the UI. It would really be a significant improvment if you could surface the “folder” or File Column the file lives in, add the ability to filter by “file column” and finally, sort by the columns displayed in the File Gallery.

By way of example: on one of my boards, I have three file columns (Hiring Docs, Post Hiring Docs and Archived). It would be great to filter the file gallery to show all files for a specific item (employee name) and in the same view, see which File Column the file lives in. It would be better still if I could add File Column to the filter and super cool if you could sort by the various columns (name, date etc).

Having the option to filter the gallery view is a big deal to us. Please make it happen. That would be huge. Thank you :slight_smile: