Add view restriction to a file column

I would like some of the people who have access to some boards not to be able to see all the contracts we have running. Currently a file column can not be locked for viewing, only editing.


I think adding that capability to monday is a great idea!

Until that is available, one solution you might consider is the following:

  1. Create a secondary board and a files column.
  2. Link the boards with a two-way connection and mirror the files column on the first board.
  3. Add an automation so that each time an item is created, it creates an item on the second board and links the items.

By doing this you would be able to control view access to the files. Anyone who did not have access to the second board would not be able to even see that the files column exists.

If you need help with any of that, let me know. I’d be glad to help.



Perfect suggestion, @JCorrell - And love the new handle, btw. :slight_smile:

Hi there!

Need exactly the same, some documents are confidential as they show, i.e., quotated items & amount, and not all team members should see that. The only problem with this solution is that it adds more linked items and will limit in the future the amount of items I can add to my board.

Any definite solution on the pipeline @monday?

I would love to be able to do this as well.

Hi @JCorrell how are you!
Im having another problems with missing support with this type of column.
I cant conditional coloring wheter is / is not empty.
I cant create a formula to determine that is / is not empty and conditional coloring this formula column…
there is any workaround or another options avaliable?


Living the dream! How are you?

I do have a top-secrete way to set a status column value when a file is added to (or deleted from) a files column. Although this will be made available to the average Joe/Jo soon… I know a guy. If I wanted to, I’m pretty sure I could convince someone to make an adjustment to make it reflect the “emptiness/not-emptiness” status of the files column.

If you are interested, DM me, or use my contact link below.

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