Move all formulas on a related formula board

I have a project Portfolio Board with lots of columns and tracking formulas for KPIs, i.e. how long a request will sit in a group before moving on to the next step in the process. Rather then have all of these columns on the primary board can I move the formulas and date columns to a separate board?

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Would different board views that hide the columns you don’t want visible help? That would be my first suggestion. Just have views for normal use, KPI use, etc. that show only the relevant columns.

Otherwise, I’d recommend rather than “moving” them which you can’t do, is duplicate the board then delete unwanted columns from each.

Then you can link the items from each board with connect boards.

That said, formulas start to break down with mirror columns in some situations. They just don’t behave the same as a native column. Plus you’d need automations to affect the KPI board to be able to track the changes - this can be done.

Another thing to consider: Apps Marketplace is the app Time in Status which might make your life easier (I say this without knowing your complete setup and needs).

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@jlambke , Thank you for posting. I would agree with @codyfrisch here.

This is more of an access management problem rather than 2 boards. Remember, whenever you introduce multiple boards, managing the automation and making sure the data remains consistent is always a challenge (possible, but you have to be careful)

So manage your access with other team members for the columns that you’d like to hide. This is one of the most powerful features of Monday as compared to other project management tools. I believe the functionality is called “Lock” and can be accessed by right clicking on the column header in the board.

@jlambke beyond individual column visibility settings (restrictions), you can simply hide a column within a view and save it as a new view and switch between views. This is useful if you don’t want to prohibit team members from seeing the columns but simply want to reduce clutter when they use the board for normal purposes.

Thank you @codyfrisch and @ZakiImtiaz This is what I was expecting. It is possible to hide views so others can’t see them? Unfortunately the Portfolio board main view needs to be viewable by all users but, they don’t all need to see every view.

Hiding the views is not possible YET. But, you can restrict visibility of individual columns:
As long as your users are not board owners (shouldn’t be because then they can mess things up) this will work. A tad tedious to set up depending on column counts.

You should probably never have “Main Table View” be the default view for people as well since it shows every column and can’t have view settings saved.

As long as those users don’t need to see formulas that depend on columns with visibility restrictions you’re good.

Pro/Enterprise account is required.

The ability to restrict view visibility has been announced as being on the 2024 roadmap, but that is subject to change.

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