Restrict viewing access to file column

We use for scheduling different jobs coming in/out of our business, as well as a basic “virtual file folder” to help keep all of our data for the different jobs tied to it’s specific job and what not. With that being said, we have a team of roughly 15 people that ALL help ensure the needed data is there, and that it is correct. Only around 4-5 people actively use on a daily basis, while the rest use it as a quick glance reference to see where we are at in terms of our schedule (we utilize the broadcast function for this and that works perfectly for our needs). However, because we use not only a scheduling software, but also as a database, with the amount of files (i.e. PDFs, DXFs, DWGs, etc.) that we attach to our different jobs (AKA pulses), our schedule board can become cluttered quite easily. Because a majority of our staff only need a quick glance/basic overview, it would be nice if we could just simply hide, or restrict viewing of the file columns, so as to reduce the clutter and help create a more clear, concise overview.

We have adjusted stuff our end some to help reduce clutter (and there are definitely more things that we could do on our own), but we felt as though others might find an interest and need in this particular function.

Hi @mmarchant

Whilst it’s not currently possible to add viewing restrictions to the boards, if you’re just looking to keep your boards streamlined, you might like to consider hiding this column.
You can do this using the menu at the top of the board:

This will allow you to uncheck the boxes of the columns you’d like to hide.
You can simply uncheck the file column and save this as a new view!

If you then make this the default view, users will automatically land on this view when they open up the board.



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