Column permissions


I can’t find if there is a way to restrict people who can view certain columns.

We have thousands of ‘items’ (customer records) and would like to store finance information in columns for the customers. We would need the finance columns to only be viewable to certain people, but this doesn’t seem to be possible.

Surely this would be easy to implement?

Many thanks

Hi Oliver,

If you click on the three-dot menu in the Column header, then Settings > Restrict Column View (or Restrict Column Edit), you can specify who has access to see/edit the Column.

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Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the heads up - I can restrict it, then when I click the eye with a line through, it wont actually let me select anyone to give permissions to. It brings up a list, but none of the people are ‘clickable’ and a search bar which doesn’t seem to work. Frustratingly close!

Hi @NLG - column permissions are only available on the Pro and Enterprise tiers of monday. Are you setup on Standard?


Thanks - we are on the Pro plan with 15 seats. It looks like I can hide the column but then it won’t let me add someone to view it

This seems strange @NLG, however there must be a reason. I know you cannot set column permissions on File and Tag columns, but these don’t even give you the option to search for individuals. Could you add a screen shot as well?

Is this happening in a single board or all boards you try to apply permissions?


Hi Oliver,

Interesting issue and nice responses from fellow users. If thousands of rows are actually involved, I ask myself how scalable or practical the solution is to restrict a column in the long run.

I would rather consider enterprise functionality; project board permissions where you can set that users only see items they are assigned to and may or may not be able to modify.

More information on this can be found here:

I hope this gives you some new ideas.


This sounds quite strange Oliver, as you certainly should be able to customise who the restrictions apply to. Feel free to send over a screenshot, or please reach out to for our technical team to investigate :pray: