Add Monday docs directly to file gallery and allow Monday docs created in file columns to show up in file gallery

We have started using Docs for planning in our setup.

When we add a new doc or use a doc template in our “Files” columns they don’t show up in our File Gallery view.

We’d also like to be able to add a Monday doc directly to a file gallery

Hey fallon, I also just noticed this when adding a monday doc directly to an item. Have you happened to find out any more information since you made your original post?

Hey Costa, No I haven’t found any info yet.

When a Monday Doc is created within the ‘Files’ or ‘monday Doc’ column types, it should be possible to see this listed on the board’s Files Gallery view. At the moment, Docs do not appear alongside the uploaded image/video/other files from the Files column.

On a board with Docs attached to multiple items, it would be useful to be able to find them all in one place, and the Files Gallery seems the natural place to do that.


Hi everyone! Apologies for the delay in responding here! I can confirm that this functionality is on our developers radar and have followed up internally about this. I will circle back here once I get a reply :pray:


Just following up on the status of this - Due to some changes and issues with the infrastructure to support this feature, I am afraid the release of this functionality has been put on hold/delayed. I will be sure to provide an update once it is shared with me in the future, however I do apologise for any inconveniences caused here in the meantime!

Hi, URL links added into files column are also not showing up in Files Widget. Is there a solution or also not currently supported

Hey @SamuelG! At this time files from external sources are not supported. Sorry for the inconvenience here :pray:

Hi! I am adding my feedback here to say that it is necessary to be able to see a gallery of all files for a project, including monday docs.


Not being able to see the Monday Collaborative Docs in a single place, for a board, makes it feel like 1/2 a feature. We need to be able to see gallery or all of them in a single place… otherwise, we’ll have to go to google docs, and this is a tool we purchased to get away from tool overload.


Any news on this? I have added files to the files columns in a board and nothing shows up. Same with Monday Docs. This seems like pretty basic functionality as a user coming over from ClickUp.

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Right now we have a dashboard with a files gallery that’s supposed to include any files on the associated boards - but the Monday docs aren’t compatible and they don’t show up. Would really appreciate if they’d be included with the other files.

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Is there any update on this feature enhancement, it would be really beneficial to be able to include monday docs in the file gallery widget.

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Bumping this up as well. Having a clean view of all docs makes it easier for us to navigate the files outside the items.

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Any update on this feature, would be appreciated.

We are about to start our recruitment process, which includes a pre-screen that it would be great to use a Doc template to document this conversation and then to find it in the file gallery to read/print/export.


anyone heard when this is gonna be available?

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I also am hoping this functionality is available really soon! I just started using Monday docs with my team and am disappointed that they do not populate to the files gallery.

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Hi, i would also really welcome this feature!!

Looking forward to hopefully soon be able to use it in our processes - thanks!

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Here we are nearly two years later. Any updates @BiancaT?

Workdocs would be a great solution for my clients’ needs, but the fact that a) they can’t easily be viewed in one central place (files gallery) and b) they don’t follow their associated item when the item is moved to another board (!!) is going to take it off the table entirely.

It’s your own native doc tool, and your customers are asking for it to be supported properly by your own core platform features. When you have direct control over all of the pieces involved, this really shouldn’t be a huge technical lift.


What is the point of adding a Monday Doc to the Files Column if we are unable to view in the File Gallery? No feedback on this thread since March 2023…hopefully it’s in prog or else we are going to have to stop using the docs.