Docs - Like google docs or dropbox paper notes, but fully native in Monday

I’m a die hard monday fan but there is one thing that it’s missing which has pulled me and my team to the dark side (ClickUp): Docs.

I know you can add a view to a project for an online google doc, but having one place to centralize all info about a project, tasks and notes/documents, is the missing link for us. In ClickUp, you can create a doc (similar to a Dropbox Paper doc or Evernote note) anywhere - in a project, or even within a task/row. This allows you to have long form notes, images, formatting etc, and you can share the doc with other internal users and even external users by generating a public link much like google docs or evernote.

I wish Monday had this functionality! If I had more bandwidth, I’d develop it as an add-on view. Sadly I don’t, but if any engineers reading this would like to partner up on it I would gladly help with the UX/UI design :slight_smile: Or any team engineers for that matter!

I agree!!! This is a greatly needed functionality on Monday!!!

Totally agree!
We’re using Dropbox paper for meeting notes, instructions, etc. but it would be great to have thisninside monday!
Clickup did a great job of implementing this feature… but having it in monday would be lovely!
The current „notes“ option inside „updates“ feels like a step backwards coming from dropbox paper / clickup, etc.

I absolutely also agree!!

In case anyone missed it, this is now available! See Monday Docs is here!

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