How can I use Monday to take and organize meeting notes?

Hi, I’d like to set up a board where I can take meeting notes, that include the participants, agenda, links, background info, and then minutes, and ideally tasks. How can I use Monday to do that for a variety of projects? I was thinking to set up a folder where I would save these for each meeting related to a similar project, or something like that…

Hi @tkatelman - have you looked into Monday Docs? This may be better suited and be used for logging ongoing meeting notes or an individual doc per meeting. There are doc templates as well and have some for meeting minutes.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Mark. Yes, I’m using Monday Docs in other places. That Meeting Notes template could work. Is there a way to then link my new Doc (for each meeting) to other places in Monday? I assume through the Files field?

Hi @tkatelman - yes, you can use a Files column and link it directly to your docs.

Hi, please be aware that docs in monday are not searchable: Search results include contents of Monday Docs - #15 by involuntary_admin

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