How do you take meeting notes and action items using monday docs?

as part of our many projects, we have many meetings and many action items per meeting.
How do you track them all?


Following for the same question.

We just started using monday so we haven’t figured out the best option for meeting notes. Our CSM did show us the Events and Activities widget which seems to have potential but I’m not sure we’ll use it yet.

For action items, we added a group to our Main Table called Action Items and Issues. We added a few columns we want to use for tracking these (like a Date Resolved column). We then created a new tab on the plan that filters only to the Action Items and Issues group and displays only the few columns we want to track for action items and issues. This is working really well because it calls them out separately and we can address them in our meetings without having to scroll through meeting notes.

but what happens if you take AI on the call itself?
Where do you save those and when?

I had created a Workdocs template for meeting minutes and then using the “list” of action items in the minutes, converted them to “Items” to put on the action tracker board. if you highlight the action items the pop up toolbar has a button “create items” - it looks kind of like a book - you can create items from lines in the list of actions and then choose what board and group to add them to. It would be great if there would be a link from these items back to the minutes Workdoc though. I have been making a PDF of the minutes and attaching that to the action item for tracking.


That’s great,
It’s definitely a start of something to work with!

I’m trying to think of a way to create it with a reference back to the original item the doc was part of.
E.g. a board of meetings, where each meeting (item) is created with monday doc to cover the meeting notes, and as part of the action items creation auto-associate the created items with the source meeting to be able to group action items by generated meetings.

What do you think?

Only issue might be that the “Item” becomes the meeting instead of the action item. I was hoping for a way to link meeting actions to an item to be able to track it going forward - I don’t see a clean way of doing that yet. Ideally you can track the action items - the meeting minutes are just background information.

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Exactly what I was thinking about.

Can you please share your thoughts?
Maybe you can share monday docs roadmap?


We have weekly meetings where we need to track notes/minutes, action items, issues for discussion, metrics, and long term goals.

I have a folder set up for each board (separate boards for meetings/meeting notes, action items, issues, metrics, and goals). From there I have them set up like this:

  • Meetings
    11/12/21 Meeting (item name), documents column for meeting notes/minutes where I create a workdocs for each meeting. Organized in the board in groups by Quarter 1-4

  • Action Items
    Action item title (item name), person column, status column, due date

  • Issues
    Issue title (item name), voting column (do decide what’s most important to discuss), status column, organized in groups called: In discussion, new issues, irrelevant, resolved. Notes from the discussion are made in the updates section

  • Long term goals
    Grouped by person on the team, each of us has 1-3 long term 90 day goals and there are status columns for each week (13 columns, each board is for just the current quarter) to denote on track or off track

  • Metrics
    This one is a bit hard to explain since it’s specific to each person but its basically got a place that we can denote our “goal” for each week, and each week is a sub item under a group of each person’s name. There are columns for goal, and each week’s total and a summary column in the main item. (like I said, hard to explain)

If you need all of this linked together, use the linked boards column and you can choose a board and item on that board to link each meeting to.

I LOVE :heart: this setup!

But how do you take action items & issues during the meeting(s)?
And how do you circle back from action item X to meeting Y?

I run the meetings and take notes so when we come up with action items I add a new item on that board & assign it to a person while on the call.

Circling back to action items is easy because when our meeting structure includes in the beginning a time set aside to check in on the status of an action item (and if it isn’t done then later in the meeting that becomes an issue that needs to be discussed)

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@mbrubacher how did you actually create a template doc and do you add it as a file per item or under monday default tree/ folder?
I found it a bit messy to save it as a doc with no meta data attached.

@RyanBY I just created a Workdoc with the format that I wanted - very basic, as there is not much functionality in the Workdocs - then saved it as a template (top right corner 3 dots will let you save it as a template. Others can then use the template that was set up, but they can also modify as needed (if needed).
When creating a new one using the template, choose then and it should be there.

Cheers, but there is no way to use these templates attached to a specific item as a file, right?
Which would make your file(s) structure to be flat with no meta data attached to it?