for note taking

Hi All, I’m currently using Bear for all my meeting notes, I really like it but don’t like having to jump between Bear and - I’m considering using a Notes board and just having each task be a meeting note - is anyone else using it like this and can you provide any feedback? The goal would be to tag my notes and then reference the tags back to the projects - but open to suggestions!


I am also in between tools here. I am using MDC for taking notes, but this is also a bit depending on wether there’s an internet connection or not (Using Offline). Beside that I do not have a proper or fixed worklfow of the notes that I take.
Now I find myself taking notes in Notes (Apple), Mail (apple), Google Docs (offline mode is working here), and another bunch of tools.

When taking notes in Monday I write them on my ‘private’ board and create tasks out of them by copy pasting text into new items on project boards.
I used to have a group in projects board specially for notes. Didn’t work for me, cause the notes got a bit lost and never to be looked at again.

I think it’s really handy to set an easy to remember email address for one of your boards like “” and use email or share via email from your note taking app. This might work as a simple workaround for offline usage, as once online your email client will send your notes to

Automations on target board will help you keeping track of new notes and possibly notify when you’re late in tiding them up.

Hope this helps!


Thanks All, I’ve created a “Notes” board where I write my notes in the Update, use tags for the depts it involves, and list the people in the meeting under the text field. I kind of like it because I can tag others in my notes and I have a date column if an action is required - this doesn’t take the place of my actual note in a project board, but I like to have a brief summary of my meeting notes. I’m still really nervous to get away from Bear but I’m attempting to do all notes the next 2 weeks in to see how it feels, I love working out of 1 app. The one (big) miss is that I cannot search text within the update, where in Bear I can search all notes. But we’ll see how big of an issue this is for me. I’ll update you all on how I’m feeling about it!

You can search updates, use the Magnifying Glass in the bottom left corner and under the search bar choose “Updates”

I just figured that out last night and was waiting for someone to correct me :slight_smile: thank you!