Board Description for Taking Notes

Please, I beg you to make the board description formattable and the ability to tag people within our organization that are part of our account. I submitted a request a very long time ago. We have the need to maintain notes from our meeting in a separate tool because there are no formatting tools within the board description. It is truly horrible and is my only request of If I can format this little dialogue box to submit a new topic, why can’t I have the ability to format the description within a board? Thank you!!!

We’ve been using a Monday doc saved in a top item for tracking meeting notes. It has the ability to format and tag people. Would this work for you?

Potentially, would you please provide more information and/or an example of what you are referring to?

Sure! Add a Files column. Click to add a new file and you will see the option to add a “New Doc” at the bottom. You can learn about all of the available feature in Monday docs here. (Including tagging people, inserting images, boards, dashboards.) We’ve found them really handy to have meeting notes tied to an item or board compared to our old system of having them saved elsewhere. We can also work in them at the same time and see the updates in real time. I hope this helps!