Notes / Docs / Paper / Word

It would be great to have a place/funtion/view to write general notes that are not task/pulse related.
Something like Dropbox Paper, Google Docs, Teamwork Notebook, ClickUp Docs, etc.

Why we would need this:

  • write briefing
  • meeting notes
  • onboarding infos
  • How-Tos and instructions
  • open position descriptions (connecting it with applicant form)
  • write down general ideas/thoughts/strategies


  • rich text (H1, H2, image insert, links, bullet points, etc)
  • possibility to set “share public”
  • table of content (H1 automaticaly creates a chapter section on top)
  • collaborative writing (different users can edit in real time)
  • ability to write comments and text suggestions (like Google Docs) this way it could even replace our article writing tool
  • ability to connect to task (like one

Question to
Any info from if a feature like this is in planing?

Question to community:
Do other users in this community have input/suguestions on how they handling briefings, meeting notes, How-Tos and so on? Where do you guys write/keep stuff like this?

Great idea! I would suggest a board for now pulses will be subjects with connection to other boards…

I wish they’d start with something as simple as Evernote integration, adding it as a file source along side drive, box, Dropbox etc. do you can attach notes to a pulse or update.