Editing Documents in Monday

Hi All

I was wondering if it was possible to edit a document from the conversation/update or the file column in Monday?

Most online platforms have this ability now (Drop Box, One Drive, Google) and we are finding we are jumping backwards and forwards from Monday to the cloud storage (Dropbox) to edit documents on a daily basis.

MondayDocs does not meet our needs as we:
• have a document template automatically generated for information that is already in Monday.com (via Make integration software)
• provide documents for both internal and external stakeholders
• utilise data validation in the document template.

Thanks Jorgen

Hey Jorgen! Happy to help with this!

Are you using our Dropbox or Google Drive integration? If not, I would highly recommend this!

However, is this issue that you want the document to open up within monday instead of linking you back to the doc’s software when you click on the document name?

If so, this is only possible through monday workdocs at the moment.

Let me know your thoughts and perhaps we can figure out a different solution together!

Hi Charlotte

Answers to your questions:

  • yes we are using Dropbox. All our documents are saved in there.
  • yes we are linking documents from dropbox to the update conversation and/or file column…
  • yes I have used Monday WorkDoc but the application is not able to do what I would like to achieve.

We are currently using Make/Intgromat to generate documents out of our Monday CRM board and then they are saved to Dropbox (About 10 to 15 per job.).

We then generate documents with content coming from our CRM board and then add additional information manually to complete the document which is saved in Dropbox.

We are constantly jumping backwards and forwards between two software platforms.

I have two videos that I would like to share with you so you can understand what I am trying to achieve with this.

Given that these videos are commercial-in-confidence, is it possible for you to direct message me so that I can share these only with you.


Jorgen Enevoldsen