Monday Forms To Google Doc Automation

I understand the reasoning has in not having integrations with Google Docs- it’s all about decreasing the dependency on Sheets and Excel, which I get. However, as a tool for use with storing data for automations, Sheets is extremely powerful, and Monday’s Columns don’t always jive with these tools…

Case and point, this automation of ours. We needed to generate a document every time a form was input by a field contractor. This meant we had to get to talk to Sheets, then push on to Google Docs to fill in a template document. This then deposits the doc in a folder in my Google Drive… which then gets moved to Egnyte, our cloud storage system. A lot has to happen but it’s running like clockwork now, so let’s peel back the curtain…

This requires Zapier AND Integromat. If you plan on getting into automations Zapier is a requirement, but Integromat you’ll only need a free plan to run a daily scenario or two.

Step 1- Pulse TO Sheets

This took a long time to figure out… hopefully this part is valuable to folks on it’s own! By using this setup, you can run a manual scenario in Integromat that gets a board, iterates the items in all the fields, and allows you to select which fields to map from Monday to a Google sheet.

Complex, yes, but functional. Though get ready if you are needing to use a lot of fields. We had over 40…

Yikes. :expressionless:

Once you map these though, you will get all those items in your pulse pulled and dropped into Sheets. It’s an easier process from here.

Step 2- Google Sheet To Google Doc From Data

Now on to Zapier. We’ll take that Google sheet with Monday’s data and start converting it into something Google Docs can use.

Now, for every tool you use you may need to use the Formatter By Zapier tool with the Lookup function to convert your data values into something you want to show on your finished document.

For example, for our field work sheets we only require checkmarks- it makes the life of our field guys much easier and ensures it gets done. However, when that populates in Google sheets, that check becomes “TRUE” per a Sheet’s conversion. Thanks to the Formatter tool with Zapier, we take that “TRUE” and convert it into whatever we like. A number, full sentence, etc. We can even set a fallback value in case the field is blank.

Note: you can skip the Formatter step if the value coming through into Sheets is what you want to display in your finished Document. IE., Name field = Name, Date = Date, etc.

Step 3: Profit
From here, it’s pretty straightforward.


The last step of the Zapier automation is extremely easy to configure, it’s just more plugging in values from your Formatter and Google Sheet if it doesn’t need converted. I also opted to get a GMail email sent to me.

You’ll just configure you’re template to look something like this…

…using this guide Zapier provides explaining the process of making Docs templates.

And you’re done! :raised_hands:


Hopefully you find a part of this useful. Note I do still have to make a small edit to the finished doc- that is, removing any unused {{documenttags}} the Formatter couldn’t make sense of. But that’s a small price to pay for everything else being done for me! Hopefully it will be hands off soon but I have too many days into this automation and other work waiting for me. Anyone else have some wild 3rd party automations?


Hi Kolin,

Lisa here from :slight_smile: The detail and step-by-step guide to build out the integration using Integromat is impressive! Thank you for sharing your set up.


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@kolinhayes hi! Think you are using too complicated path. We have been using service for immersive word/gdoc generation with more than 300 fields for 3 yrs (filling out forms for 15+ banks to get business loans). Skipped now as we dive into Python automation, but highly recommended in your case for their unite script within one billing plan.