Making Monday Docs more familiar

It would be great if we could have Monday Docs working like google docs and microsoft word at its most basic functionality. Right now I feel like Monday Docs is trying to reinvent the wheel instead of adding enhancements to said wheel.

Making Monday Docs more familiar (to what most people are used to before they migrate to Monday) will surely be a major plus, and could be a reason on its own for people to choose Monday over any other project management solutions.

I hope this makes sense.


It will be better if we can put a file column with some different files (word / excel / powerpoint) like template.

When you have many document template in different format, it’s really difficult to people to change there way to work by using new format like the Monday Docs. It will be better if we can still continue to use our own document than creating some with Monday Doc for example. And here, it concerns only the text documentation. When you are using powerpoint or excel document, you don’t have the possibility to find an alternative here.