Monday Docs is here!

We’re really excited to present to you a new product in monday Docs! :tada: :tada: :tada:

This new product (in beta) gives you a new way of collaborating with your team, creating documents simultaneously, from inside your account.

Huge things are coming for monday Docs! For now, we would love for you to test them out and provide your feedback through this form: Docs Feedback

To add the feature to your account, click on your avatar icon>> monday.labs

To read more about monday docs click here: monday Docs – Support


I’m so excited by this! We can finally move some of our clients off of Atlassian Confluence for their wiki and begin creating it in monday․com. This will be a game changer for a lot of clients who want to use monday․com for SOPs, employee manuals and other process documentation. Well done, monday․com.


@PolishedGeek Well said! A fantastic addition for sure!

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This is amazing! I already have clients using this as a whiteboard for projects (it works better than the other boards available) .

Great addition! I’d love to see more dedicated application to a specific task etc or at least the possibility to tag people/tasks/boards within the doc. But cool nonetheless!


Reinforcing what’s already been said, the tool is a great addition and was immediately put to use!

Some bugs/issues I’ve noticed:

Spell Check
-Misspelling a word and correcting the word in Google Chrome(via Chromes autocorrect?) will erase and entire section of text.

Section of Text - This is a test of the autocorect bug I found

Result if right clicked and fixed:

Section of Text -

Unknown Issue:
Another user was working on editing a document when they had “an unknown error has occurred” and lots of data was lost. I wasn’t present so I can’t comment or replicate it. If its not already a planned feature, a role back state or save state select would be a nice addon.

Obviously I’ve advised users this is still in beta and to not move sensitive documents over without backing them up outside of Monday first. Looking forward to future iterations and improvements!

Some quick feature request:
-Notes/Updates per line, similar to commenting on MS Word/Google Docs
-To expand on that, Notation tools in general. Maybe combined with permissions. For example Guest can only notate/comment.
-Exporting settings. Currently I only see the ability to print/print to pdf. With that the margins seems to be locked despite changing print settings.
-Edits by user listed in the Activity section.
-Would it be possible to link in info from boards? Choose a board/group/pulse/column summary etc.


Omg so excited for this! Have been waiting to switch back to Monday for this. Thank you for listening to the feature requests!!!


Welcome back to the world of monday, @jk193!

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Feature requests:

  1. Would love to be able to add Docs as a view on a board. If you have one board for each project your company is working on, it seems important to keep all content related to it in one place. If you can add a tab with external docs e.g. google drive as an iframe, why not allow people to have a tab to create and organize docs within the board?

  2. The Search Everything/Global Search tool doesn’t seem to index Docs content right now. Hopefully this is coming soon?


amazing - was waiting for something like this - gonna wow my boss with it tomorrow in my 1-2-1

Looks great, awesome stuff! :clap:

Just a tiny lil question - will the Docs be included in the monday API?

1 Like We’re doing a proof of concept right now with a client who needs to move off of Google Sites for all SOPs. A few important questions:

  1. What’s the ETA on when Docs content will be searchable? Without that, documentation content is far less valuable as it’s essentially “hidden” unless you know exactly where to look.

  2. When will we see a dedicated “link to Docs” column on boards?

  3. When will Docs be shareable on the public web, so they can act as a public wiki?

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+1 to this. Would be nice to have “Publish View” where you can adjust more format settings to really finish the document.

Use case Example:
-Manufacturing company has can edit and adjust their care instructions, receiving instructions and warranty documentation through Monday. Decisions makers verify edits/changes and the publish updates.

Hi, I understand that basic document collaboration features are added to the product for customers that don’t have a valid alternative. Most customers however (at least that’s my estimation) already have document collaboration features installed in their environment that have a lot more features (Office 365, Google Docs or other). How can we position Monday Docs against those better equipped platforms? Is a (better) integration with platforms like Office 365 or Google Docs on your roadmap?

2 Likes It’s been two months with no updates and not a peep about docs. We’re wondering if this feature is still actively being developed and improved or is it just an experiment? Hesitant to adopt Monday Docs for knowledge management (coming from Notion and personal Evernotes) if it’s not going to be well supported and killed off eventually.

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Love that Monday did finally add this feature!
But unfortunately quite slow and buggy. Spezial compared to Dropbox Paper.
Hope they invest some time to fix this.
For now it makes very little sence to move from dp Paper to Monday docs as the slow/buggy performance makes it feel unreliable…
Looking forward to improvements!

Totally agree and frustrating they’ve been silent on it and not making any updates for the past few months since the initial release. Par for the course with Monday these days unfortunately. Things seem to ship as experiments and 75% never mature beyond that.

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A little birdy told me there might be some updates in the next few days… :wink:

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Any updates on the ability to do this? Not being able to export as a PDF or print the document with normal margins makes the Docs feature useless for our team and I would think many others.

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I just noticed that you can now create/attach a Monday Doc in the files tab directly. A welcome development! Surprised there wasn’t a post about this already.