Monday Doc available View on a Board

We would love to be able to add a Monday Doc as a Board View.

The purpose would be to include a Project Brief, communicate at a high level regarding the board, rather than an individual item.

Hi Samantha,
How would you benefit from such a feature?
Or you just want to find the doc easier by having it connected to the board?


Hi Julia,

Here are some examples where it would be a valuable feature:

  • We utilize a board to manage a registration process. There are many different teams engaged in this process. If I could, I would like to add a View to the board with a Monday Doc to house the SOP for the registration process. The SOP is relative to the entire Board and not just one Item.

  • We utilize a board to manage Project X. I love using the Project Overview template available in Monday Doc, and wish I could include it as a View Tab on the Board.

  • We utilize a board to provide visibility to the team of our hybrid work schedule. The Calendar View is great for this! It would be great to include another View of a Monday Doc with Policies & Reminders for our department expectations.

  • We utilize a board to manage the Sales Organization. One of the columns on the board identifies their Sales Tier. It would be great to include a View on this Board with a Monday Doc that defines each of the tiers & relevant expectations and performance metrics. This would be applicable to the whole board, rather than an individual item.

I hope that helps! I encourage any other ideas where you may find value in this feature.


This would be really helpful! Currently we have a workaround by using items on the board, but it would be much better if we could have it as a view to reduce the number of items.

Also having it as an item requires more clicks. Having it on the side panel doesn’t work because we have a lot of projects so the docs will add up and become a mess. We also don’t want to have clients exit the board to view project specs.


It would be great if we could add docs as a board view. That way we could have e.g. rolling notes for a project embedded with the board for easy access. I’m aware we can do a column to add a doc to each item, but we just need a doc for the board, not each separate item.

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Agree - this would be really useful. We are a small PMO who have set up a process where each approved project will auto-generate a Project Board based on a template. If I could include a Docs view/section within each one the project team could use that rather than saving random Docs all over the place that dont link to the main project (issue around naming conventions etc too). Would just prefer it all be in 1 place.

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I have been hoping for this to happen since we found out docs were happening. For the exact reason Samantha said that building SOP’s that are specific to how that board operates would be so helpful to have as a board view along the top (similar to forms). Right now we have to add a item to the board that is separate taking up its own group for SOP’s or we have one master board of a bunch of different process’s which no one goes looking for.

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I too was just looking for this kind of view specific to a project board. This would be very helpful!

I would love this too. Currently i have to create a board and then a document as a project brief. it is just messy the way it is

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