Monday Doc available View on a Board

We would love to be able to add a Monday Doc as a Board View.

The purpose would be to include a Project Brief, communicate at a high level regarding the board, rather than an individual item.

Hi Samantha,
How would you benefit from such a feature?
Or you just want to find the doc easier by having it connected to the board?

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Hi Julia,

Here are some examples where it would be a valuable feature:

  • We utilize a board to manage a registration process. There are many different teams engaged in this process. If I could, I would like to add a View to the board with a Monday Doc to house the SOP for the registration process. The SOP is relative to the entire Board and not just one Item.

  • We utilize a board to manage Project X. I love using the Project Overview template available in Monday Doc, and wish I could include it as a View Tab on the Board.

  • We utilize a board to provide visibility to the team of our hybrid work schedule. The Calendar View is great for this! It would be great to include another View of a Monday Doc with Policies & Reminders for our department expectations.

  • We utilize a board to manage the Sales Organization. One of the columns on the board identifies their Sales Tier. It would be great to include a View on this Board with a Monday Doc that defines each of the tiers & relevant expectations and performance metrics. This would be applicable to the whole board, rather than an individual item.

I hope that helps! I encourage any other ideas where you may find value in this feature.


This would be really helpful! Currently we have a workaround by using items on the board, but it would be much better if we could have it as a view to reduce the number of items.

Also having it as an item requires more clicks. Having it on the side panel doesn’t work because we have a lot of projects so the docs will add up and become a mess. We also don’t want to have clients exit the board to view project specs.


It would be great if we could add docs as a board view. That way we could have e.g. rolling notes for a project embedded with the board for easy access. I’m aware we can do a column to add a doc to each item, but we just need a doc for the board, not each separate item.