Introducing: monday workdocs!

Hi Community,

We are very excited to share the latest building block for your Work OS — monday workdocs! :boom::rocket:

monday workdocs empower your team to write collaboratively in real-time, using up-to-date work elements that keep everyone aligned and connected to your unified workspace.

With real-time co-editing, your team can instantly share comments, drag and drop text, and collaborate freely without disrupting each other’s experience:

  • Enable hundreds of people to simultaneously work together without overwriting each other in one workdoc.
  • Easily see who is working where on your workdoc.
  • Tag team members so ownership is clear, following up is effortless, and leaving edits is seamless.
  • Edit your workdocs with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Bring your documents to life with real-time elements:

  • Easily embed boards, dashboards, images, videos, and more directly into your workdocs so that your content and data stay up-to-date and aligned with every workflow.

Turn unstructured thoughts into actionable, organized workflows:

  • Create new boards from within workdocs so you can start building your workflow as your ideas take shape.
  • Create any of our 40+ widgets including workload, timeline, or My Work from within a workdoc to add dimensions to your words.
  • Create a visual task list to keep your big ideas organized.

Of course, your work is saved automatically as you work on a workdoc so you can focus on collaborating together.

Check out this video to learn more about monday workdocs :heart_eyes::

Read about how to start using monday workdocs here!


woohoo! Thanks Julia for the post and update here, I am very excited for this more full fledged release of workdocs in monday. Definitely will be putting this to use!!

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The workdoc is a remarkable step forward towards a complete online-collaboration environment. I particularly like the possibility to create and edit docs in the files column of an element (former pulse). Thank you so much for this new feature. I am eagerly awaiting to get a better indication inside a doc, after one has created a new item out of a text snippet, but I am confident that this is in the making already.

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workdoc is a great thing indeed. My only issue right now is that the organization system is only one folder deep. If I have a folder for a client and it has project boards in it I do not want to clutter that list up with a bunch of documents. We produce dozens of documents per project and we’d need a 2nd level folder allowance so we could organize documents within the client folder.
I am super excited to see this grow as a feature. Integrated documentation has been the one missing piece preventing us from making our only project management tool.


Fully agree, folder hierarchy would be helpful in many cases.
But the ability to have docs on elements in the files column helps us at the moment in most cases as a workaround.

4 Likes Will we be able to export to PDF at some point?


A nice PDF export is very much needed. Right now you can print to PDF but it looks like a browser screenprint.


Thanks a lot. That will be very useful when you will add Right to Left functionality (and hopefully with an option for default). Is that on the go?


Is there a way to add a table to the workdocs? Not a Monday table, just a table you would put into Word/Google Docs. Example. small pros/cons table.


I would love to see the To-Do list have the ability to add due dates and then be captured in the My Work space.

I would like to see ability to recall specific column (value or sum/avg of value) into the docs.

A board level documents/files store (including monday docs) would be fantastic. Not tied to specific items, just a part of the board.


I hope the doc soon can work when creating it directly in a file board column. Since launch is not working. When you try to edit a chart on it, it does not work.

When are we going to be able to ‘search everywhere’ and have it pick up the content inside workdocs? This could be a confluence replacement if search worked inside docs. Not great for wikis as it stands.


Hi everyone, I am having a problem to put a workdoc file in another workdoc…

In the promotional video, we can clearly see the option and functionality, but acctualy there is no option.
Can you guys help me?

I’ve noticed that while printing to PDF, the margins for the Workdoc are massive, and unable to get smaller, even adjusting them in the options. Is this a widespread issue? I am getting a PDF that has only about 65% of the width of the page being used, whereas the view when using a Workdoc is utilizing the full width of the document.

Hey @mbrubacher

Thanks for flagging this!
Are you using the Print option to save this as a PDF?
If so, can you confirm the print settings are set to have the margins set to ‘none’?

Can you try to do this within a Chrome browser?
If the issue persists, could you please shoot our support team an email to



Thanks for responding. Yes, I am trying to print to PDF - Save to PDF has the same issue. I can confirm that the margins are set to none as well. I am using Chrome for this as well. I’ll send to the support e-mail also.