Document editing

is it possible to edit the documents within the platform and share it.


Can you be more specific?

-Are you talking about editing collaborative documents to share with other monday users on your account?
-Or are you talking about generating documents from monday board items and then sharing/sending said documents?

Both are achievable but require completely different tools/solutions if you could please provide more context.

Want to know both the cases

Editing Collaborative Documents
Monday recently release the beta for this tool. See community post for more info and how to activate it on your account: Monday Docs is here!. Also you can check out more info here: monday Docs – Support

I believe there is also and app in the Marketplace that offers this but I haven’t used it yet.

Generating Documents(PDFs/Word Docs) and Sharing/Sending
There are many ways to accomplish this. All of which will require some form of third party app, custom integration(Integromat/Zapier), API knowledge, or custom application building.

I would start by checking out the Marketplace as there are multiple solutions there currently. Another option is creating a detailed post in the Hire an Expert - monday Community section if you want to go the custom integration or application route.

Good luck!

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